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The timescale of any conveyancing transaction can vary, as not all parties are on the same schedule. As an average, a standard freehold sale or purchase may take 8 to 12 weeks and a standard leasehold may take 12 to 16 weeks. However, this could be quicker or slower as the process is affected by a number of factors which would include whether you are a first time buyer, buying a leasehold property that requires an extension of the lease or if it is a sale by probate or whether a management company is involved.

Once we have reviewed your matter, we will be able to give a better indication of timescales.

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Our Client Care letter will confirm the work we will do however below is a list of some of the stages which may be involved:

  • Take initial instructions and give you immediate advice.
  • Request any financial information, whether that be source of funds for a cash purchase, mortgage facilities or redemption of any existing financial charge over your property.
  • Receive/send Contract documentation.
    Perform searches against the property (if purchase)
  • Make enquiries based on the searches and Title documentation/Receive responses (sale).
  • Report to you on the following (purchase):-
    1. Title
    2. Contract
    3. Searches
    4. Mortgage (if purchase)
  • You would be required to attend our offices to sign any documentation needed
  • Agree an exchange and completion date.
  • Arrange monies to be received from yourself and lender (if purchasing).
  • Deal with Stamp Duty and Land Registration (if purchasing).
  • Redeem Mortgage on completion (if sale)
  • Balance monies to you, if any (if sale)
  • If the property is Leasehold:
  • Sale: it will be a requirement for the Buyer to receive a Management Pack detailing any issues with the property including up to date Service Charge and Ground Rent Accounts – this will be at your cost.
  • Purchase: In order to proceed with your purchase of a leasehold property you must receive a copy of the Management Pack

Our Fees

PriceFee (exclusive of VAT)
£0 - £249,999£800
£250,000 - £499,999£1000
£500,000 and above0.25% of the price

Our Charges

ItemFee (exclusive of VAT)
Auction Property£250
Bespoke Indemnity Insurance Policy£150
Deed of Covenant£500
Deed of Gift£500
Deed of Variation£500
Declaration of Trust£500
Discharge of Additional Mortgages (more than one)£100 (per mortgage)
Gifted Deposit (from UK)£150
Gifted Deposit (from abroad)£250
Help to Buy ISA£100 (per ISA)
Help to Buy Second Charge£500
Land Transaction Return (Submission)£75
Leasehold Title (Purchase)£500
Leasehold Title (Sale)£250
Lender (Separate Legal Representation)£250
Management Company (Freehold Property)£250
New Build£250
Notice of Rescission£250
Repossessed Property (Purchase)£250
Shared Ownership£500
Stamp Duty Reclaim Application£250
Supplemental Agreement£500
Tenanted Property£500
Unregistered Title£500

Disbursements are payments which we pay to third parties and then claim back from yourself. Examples of these would include Land Registry fees and Search fees. Any disbursements involved are always subject to change. When we have reviewed your matter, we will be able to give a better indication of the types of disbursement for your case.

This is currently 20%.

Please call us on 0161 877 8555 or email us at conveyancing@aughtonainsworth.com to discuss your conveyancing requirements.