Blessed Hill
11 November 2020 | Charity, News

Supporting Blessed Hill Orphanage

When Aughton Ainsworth was founded in 2004, a commitment was made to give from the profits to support the building, maintenance, and ongoing running of orphanages around the world.  Creating partnerships with existing orphanages the Foundation would provide buildings rent-free and would meet the costs of ongoing and incidental maintenance expenses.

We became involved with the Blessed Hill Uganda orphanage in 2013.  It had recently been served notice to vacate by the landlord.  However, with nowhere for the 170 children to go, they remained there until demolition works started around them.  A number of families within the local church provided accommodation and support for many of the children, while the remainder moved in with Sarah Sabiti, then the manager at Blessed Hill.

During a visit in 2014, we met with Sarah and became all too aware of the desperate situation the children were now in.

Construction at Blessed Hill Uganda

With our help, the new Blessed Hill was built on a three acre plot an hour outside Kampala, opening in 2015. The new development provided accommodation and classrooms for nursery and primary school children, as well as giving room to play, and plots on which food can be grown and small livestock raised.

We continue to support Blessed Hill, and are proud to be able to effect positive change in the lives of those who may otherwise suffer due to circumstance.

Children at Blessed Hill Uganda

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