Commercial real estate
21 April 2021 | Business, Miscellaneous

Our Services: Real Estate

Real estate, or property, law is the specialised area of law that deals with the acquisition and disposal of property, covering finance, mortgaging, social housing, among other elements.  While most real estate law engagement relates to the transactional aspects of this field, there is a litigation side, too.

Property law affects almost everyone in one way or another.  Whether we are property owners, tenants, or investors, at some point we will all need some understanding of property law.  A complex and often emotive area, it is important to have balanced  viewpoints and trusted partner when dealing with property-related issues.

From the most common boundary dispute through to advising on negotiating for finance for a new commercial development, Aughton Ainsworth’s team of lawyers provides knowledge and experience that will help alleviate the stress and hassle you may face during your transactions or disputes.

Beyond our team’s capability in dealing with more everyday property law concerns, we have particular expertise in the renewable energy sector, where we advise on EPC contracts, fuel supply negotiation, real estate & planning, and IP issues.

Aughton Ainsworth’s team can provide full-service coverage of your real estate legal requirements.  To discuss your requirements, please contact Clare Lowe ( or Laurie Wilson (

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