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3 March 2021 | Business, News

Confused About the Legalities of Corporate Finance?

Capital structure, share buy-backs, initial legal capital, secured debt – corporate finance is a complex area with far-reaching consequences if it’s not managed correctly.

Corporate finance law involves the legal rules that describe the financial structure of a business or a start-up – how a company can obtains capital in order to run its operations.  Additionally, services that corporate finance lawyers offer include advising clients on the purchase or sale of businesses, assets, and relationships with shareholders.

Raising finance for your business can be done through a variety of ways, including the sale of stocks or other securities, such as bonds.  For a small business, such a subject might seem like a minefield, so engaging the services of a lawyer can help ease the process and alleviate much of the worry that is sometimes carried.

When looking for investors in your business it’s important to understand the complexity and inherent risks that come with bringing in outside influence.  Depending on where the financing is coming from your business may need restructuring, and in the case of using venture capital or angel investment, part of your company will belong to someone else or some other business, usually with an exit option planned for some point in the future.

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